A little more about my internship experience

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Many people have been intrigued by my internship with Activision Blizzard and have received a few questions about if there were other MBA interns, and what schools they represented; who I reported to; what was my cross functional exposure; and key takeaways.

So here’s a little more about my summer…

I was one of approximately 20 interns at Activision Blizzard (AB), and interns spanned across all functional aspects of the organization from Quality Assurance to Finance to Marketing. Of the 20 interns, however, only 4 of us were in b-school. There was one gentleman from HBS, one from M.I.T., one woman from Northwestern, and me. While we may have worked in different departments – interactive or brand – there was a lot of collaboration between and among the MBA interns throughout the summer and each of our projects were inter-related (at least a bit).

In terms of reporting and access to management, I left feeling well connected within the organization. My direct report was the Director, Interactive Marketing and we interacted daily. I also worked very closely with the Brand Management team, and occasionally worked with the Chief Creative Officer of the organization. The exposure was fantastic.

As I reflect on my experience, one key takeaway was the realization that no matter where you go to school, what’s of utmost importance in business is your ability to think. If you can analyze a situation and make an informed, educated decision, you’ll be an asset to any organization you work with.

Until I blog again…