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Thanksgiving is both a blessing and a curse! It’s a blessing because I get a chance to see my family in New York and gorge myself full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and dessert. It’s a curse because it lulls you into perpetual weekend mode, which makes it difficult to quickly get back into the swing of school.

Oh, and what a time it is in school. Classes are coming to an end and assignments are coming due. It’s a good thing I have some CASH to keep me engaged and motivated…let me explain.

CASH does not refer to the standard currency that will hopefully fill my wallet in more bounty than it does now. No, CASH, in my case, refers to the Action Learning Project I am working on for my Teamwork and Integration course.

Specifically, over the course of the Fall semester I have worked with the Baltimore CASH Campaign to develop a business plan to expand their tax prep operations. I have become more knowledgable about low-cost tax prep service than I ever thought possible, and learned a lot about the city I call home.

The project culminates next Friday with a client presentation. Our group of 15 plans to “wow” our clients and deliver a fully integrated set of recommendations on how CASH can remain financially viable with a low-cost tax prep service.  From staffing to overhead to operations to marketing, our business plan will lay out a path for a successful business expansion.

Wish me luck!