Hook and Ladder CEO

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“A great beer that gives back”

That is the tagline of Hook and Ladder Brewing Company’s product branding, and how Matt Fleischer, CEO and Founder of Hook and Ladder, introduced his product to our Entrepreneurship and New Ventures class this past week. We had the priviledge of hearing how Matt created his business plan, marketed the idea to University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship (the first investor in his now rapidly expanding business), and began growing his company. Matt also explained some of the challenges he has faced during the past few years building his management team, working with his Board of Directors, and managing his passion for selling his company’s beer with selling the concept to the public. It was fantastic insight into how an idea goes from paper to production and the problems an entrepreneur faces along the way.

“A penny in every pint, and a quarter in every case”

As Matt explained business is not only about making money, but also being socially responsible. Hook and Ladder is focused not only on producing a high quality craft beer, but also giving back. The company donates a penny for every pint of Hook and Ladder beer and a quarter for every case sold to local firefighter burn centers/charities. Is there a better reason to enjoy a beer?