Learning from experts

September 30th, 2009 by under Uncategorized. No Comments.

Yesterday I had the priviledge of hearing Vijay Ravindran, Chief Digital Officer of the Washington Post, wax poetic about the monumental task he has in front of him and how he has initially framed his strategy for doing the unthinkable…turning the digital side of newspapers into a steady profit center.

Vijay’s lecture fit well into my New Ventures and Entrepreneurship class curriculum as it offered a great perspective on how to innovate within an established structure…and what a better industry to study than print media. When I think about newspapers, journalists, and editors, I think about a stodgy, old-fashioned business, which has a very definable culture focused around the art of writing. Vijay’s challenge, and the industry’s more broad challenge, is to identify viable ways to use the digital medium to generate revenue. This involves a separation from the current, perhaps out-dated, paradigm newspapers have used to make money. It was great to hear from an executive on the battlefield fighting to revolutionize the way the Washington Post does business.

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