Transition from the boardroom to the classroom

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My transition from work to school has been seamless. After about two weeks of classes, it is apparant that my experience this summer at Activision Blizzard is practically applicable. I took some great insights from my experience and am applying them to my 2nd year at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Namely, I have realized that I enjoy working in small to medium sized entrepreneurial businesses. The independent work style and corporate culture of an entrepreneurial firm really appeals to my personality. As a result, to foster my entrepreneurial interests, I am taking a number of “New Ventures” type classes. I believe these courses will help accentuate my passion for entrepreneurship and allow me to better fit with small and medium sized businesses working in fast paced innovative spaces.

From a social front, Smith offers another year of intramural sports (soccer, basketball, flag football), tailgates, and Maryland Varsity Athletics. As a former professional level soccer player I really appreciate good competition and top-notch athletics…and there are few better institutions than Maryland. The school spirit is palpable around campus the week of a football or basketball game and the Smith School regularly has strong tailgate showings. Also, every Thursday we host social events. Since Smith students typically do not have classes on Fridays, we take the opportunity to start our weekends early while getting know each other outside of the classroom. Another tradition – Friday morning (11am) pickup basketball games at Eppley – has been carried over from last year and we regularly have great showings. These “events” really bind the business school together an allow us to develop strong, lasting personal relationships with our classmates and peers.

Until I blog again…Go Terps!