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Dec 202009

This was a great EMBA weekend… class on Saturday was cancelled because of blizzard conditions! So that was an awesome way to wrap up the year. For the first time in a long time, I think that we are all excited to not feel the immediate stress of something due (except for our operations management homework). Our next class is the weekend of January 8. Personally, I am off work for the next two weeks and am really looking forward to some relaxation after a very stressful 2009. 🙂

We have had the chance to meet many members of Cohort 10 as they’ve joined us for classes and speaker series over the past few months and are excited to have them join us permanently in January! They kick off their experience with a week-long orientation and then our weekends start meshing up on Jan 22, when we’ll have a celebratory dinner to welcome them to the Smith School.

Ok – it is back to football for me. The Ravens had a great day! Condolences to Chip that his Saints lost on his b-day yesterday. We were planning to celebrate Chip’s b-day with bowling on Friday night, but with the cancellation of class we all sped home to beat the storm. Now we are all anxiously awaiting the Baltimore Study Group-sponsored cohort party in January. 😉


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Dec 072009

We had our holiday party on Friday night. It was a lot of fun. I think that many of us are in a state of realization that our executive MBA experience is headed for the home stretch. Less than six months to go, or as my Facebook countdown says, 165 days until graduation on May 21. We are getting anxious! Anxious because we have been moving full-speed ahead for more than a year. It has been so intense – our lives have revolved around team projects and studying, studying, studying! What will we do once it is over? — When we are able to do things at our leisure, go to parties, on vacations, go out with our friends and families without first consulting the EMBA schedule! It is going to be a drastic change to our lives.  What will our new routine be? Will we slip back into bad habits, or will we change and appreciate our free time more? Am I a little scared? Maybe. Am I a little excited. Yes! Will I miss seeing my EMBA Wolfpack friends each week? Definitely! We already know that we will be planning gatherings to meet up with each other because through all the drama, we are a family. The EMBA experience in itself is rare and to go through it with 28 people, you just can’t describe the connection. It gets me misty even thinking about it. 😉 So I doubt we will ever say good-bye, but instead: see you at the Marriott bar next Friday night.

The Smith EMBA Degree: $94K; Lifelong Friendships: Priceless!

The doctor at work. How many EMBAs does it take to remove a cork from a wine bottle with a napkin? (Three)

The doctor at work. How many EMBAs does it take to remove a cork from a wine bottle with a napkin? (Three)

Next Semester: Strategy and Operations Management

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Dec 052009

We started two new courses this weekend: Strategy and Operations Management. We have been looking forward to both, but were sad to say good-bye to Data and Leadership & Human Capital. Hugh Courtney is our strategy professor – he is also the associate dean of executive programs, so he already knows everyone in the class very well. The class is going to be a lot of fun and very beneficial for me. Just reading the initial assignments and having the first class, I can see that it will bring a lot of value to the workplace for me!

In our initial reading, “Are You Sure You Have a Strategy” by Donald C. Hambrick and James W. Fredrickson (Academy of Management Executive, 2005, Vol. 19, No. 4), I realized that many people throw around the term ‘strategy’ without really understanding the full meaning of it. People come up with strategies that are not really comprehensive. The authors say that a strategy should have five elements, providing answers to these five questions:

  1. Arenas: where will we be active?
  2. Vehicles: how will we get there?
  3. Differentiators: how will we win in the marketplace?
  4. Staging: what will be our speed and sequence of moves?
  5. Economic Logic: how will we obtain our returns?

In our operations management course with Zhi-Long Chen, we dove right into some analysis of supply chains… looks like another really interesting class, even though it is going to be quantitative, and if you have been following my blog, you know that quant is not my thing! But I think that data and operations management are more my area than accounting and finance!

We also had a draft for our next Action Learning Project (ALP) teams and I am teamed up with an exciting group of people on a project to help market the Prince George’s Community Church (PGCC).