Sep 262014
My Colleagues Ashish and Nikki meeting at our first-year orientation

My Colleagues Ashish and Nikki meeting at our first-year orientation

It’s easy to get used to being a first year MBA. The curriculum is exciting and new, you have a great support network and a new set of friends, and there are a ton of events and activities in which to get involved. The internship search is a chance to reinvent yourself, and most people use every ounce of time they are afforded to reflect on the next steps in their career. And then you hit the second year. There’s a stark contrast in the approach – the name of the game now is to leverage your internship experience and newfound MBA skills to acquire that job that you’ve been seeking. The reflection is over, and it’s time to capitalize on the degree in which you’ve invested. It’s a different kind of pressure, but it’s pressure none the less.

The class of 2016 look, act, and talk just like we did a year ago. They have many of the same aspirations and concerns, and yet they bring a new burst of energy to the MBA community. As I’ve spoken about previously in my blogs, the Smith full-time MBA program is small – we have about 200 students in total between the two classes. So, each year, the personality of the community shifts, but the collaborative culture remains. It’s great to have that new energy from the first year class. Their enthusiasm serves as a reminder of why each of us came to business school in the first place, and those familiar (but distant) long nights in the case rooms show us just how far we’ve come over the last 12 months.

It does make me slightly envious though, even as I look towards full-time roles with great enthusiasm. The first year of your MBA is a special time. I can see that now, and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling.


Image Credit:  Anthony Richards – Smith School Office of Marketing and Communications.

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