Face-palm moments

August 8th, 2012 by under Courses, Internship. No Comments.

Have you ever had one of the face-palm moments in class when you are thinking to yourself… when am I EVER going to need to use this in a work setting? We have all had them at one point or another in class. So far, almost every class I have taken throughout my MBA program┬áhas helped me excel during my internship experience in some way or another. I am now able to read 10ks and cash flow statements from my financial management class, create competitor profiles from my industry analysis class, forecast the demand for helmets for the next 5 years from my market forecasting class and even create and manage databases from my data modeling and decision making class.

So when you are thinking about how is learning Solver in DMD going to help you in a work setting, just trust that the professors are only teaching you concepts that are going to help you and not waste your time.

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