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Kindergarten or Orientation…?

August 28th, 2010 by under Everything!. No Comments.

The Life and Times of Orientation

As a skeptical incoming Smith MBA, nothing made me cringe more than a week and a half long orientation that came fully loaded all your favorite childhood recess activities including but not limited to: glorified “ring around the rosie” with a chicken, rock climbing, bootleg erector sets made of straw and play-doh, and other various obligations that could and did overwhelm mostly everybody.

Yet, as I woke up every day, and drove into Van Munching Hall I noticed something odd: I am going to miss orientation. I was excited every day to show up and meet my classmates, 40% of which hail from countries outside of North America, and the other 60% being equally as diverse compared to my current business network of restaurant and bar owners. I looked forward to our kindergarten level exercises with a passion to lead my team to success and then share a beer afterwards and laugh about how our styles of completing a mission differ based on our cultural, professional and personal backgrounds.

My new MBA Wolfpack hopefully will get in a little less trouble...

Heck, I already have a “Wolfpack” that includes a few ballers, a few drinking partners, entrepreneurial cohorts, professionally aligned aspirational occupation hunters and a man named “Panda.”

So while I’m still skeptical about this whole process, I am a lot happier that I signed up for Math Camp, because my orientation won’t end and I’ll get to continue expanding my new “Wolfpack.”