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That One Good Shot Keeps Us Coming Back

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Amidst the myriad of exams, executive club board applications, job fairs and general work overload, there is a few moments in the day where you realize that you are really learning the way the business world works. Like a round of golf, in an MBA program you can’t focus on all the aspects of your swing that are off, the multitude of balls you have let loose in the woods, various people’s windows, or unnatural ponds that sit right in the middle of the fricken’ fairway just to mock you, tease you, and make your life hell! Who in their right mind builds a course around a damn pond! Did they think it was funny to toy with my emotions, take my hard earned money in the form of a little white balls, and ruin my Saturday all in one fail swoop?!?!

MBA's: We all have our goal in sight, just have to occasionally hit out of the rough.

But I digress, the point of this blog is to point out that amidst the craziness of MBA life, we are learning some really valuable information. Currently in our managerial economics course we are dissecting the duopoly and rivalry of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, the possible need for vertical integration in the movie business between the thriving studios and struggling theatres, and the financial crisis and the ins and out of why it may have been stimulated by the government, private agencies, and historical and outdated regulations. In our finance course we are learning about the current plight of bonds and what the future holds for interest rate trends. In accounting we are focusing on Kraft, Walmart, and several other big businesses and how they record, manipulate and present their numbers to defer heavy taxing, payout more consistent dividends, and remain attractive to the shareholding masses.

The Smith MBA is not focused on letter grades and text books, but more on real world problems, spirited debate and investigative research, and that alone makes it worth getting through the first seventeen holes of a tough course, just to tee off on the 18th with a beautiful line drive, 335 yards, down the middle of the fairway. A nice chip up and a birdie putt from 23, has you singing “God I love this game,” having forgotten all about the three cases of balls lost, two broken clubs due to poor anger management and the four pending property damage lawsuits. A day in the life of an Smith MBA- God we love this game.


GE – An Eye Opening Presentation

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GE Comes to Smith

While I will never be mistaken for a future analyst for dishwashers, energy conservation, or lighting options, I decided to sit in on General Electric’s Smith presentation, a dedicated hour long information session devoted to Smith students. General Electric’s presentation centered around leadership programs, internships and career opportunities and was eye-opening, to say the least, about what the corporate world is now placing a premium on: future management and leaders of human capital.

GE offers a plethora of leadership programs including undergraduate programs for information management like IMLP and MBA and Master’s programs for human resource leadership like HRLP. These programs make up a significant piece of GE’s recruiting  equity because they hold high regard to innovators, visionaries, and talent management, and have been successful in grooming future CEO’s all over the world.

This presentation opened my eyes to the corporate world’s focus on developing future leaders as a primary priority and pays credence to the edicts put forth by the Smith MBA program and specifically our Human Management course taught by Professor Chen. These edicts are that the most precious commodity in today’s business world are effective leaders and as a Smith MBA you will have every opportunity to hone and develop those skills everyday. I can personally tell you that between my four groups projects, MBA club elections and executive board interviews and team cases, I have been able to work in a multitude of dynamic environments with personalities, cultures, and skill sets. The importance of the exercises rings true with Smith’s mission statement and the recruitment focus of most of the top corporate firms in the world today, GE being no different.


MBA’s On the Town!

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MBA’s On the Town!

One of the perks of running an entertainment company is being able to show your new friends a heck of a time out on the town in DC. While over the first few weeks a few of my classmates took advantage of having an asset like myself and partied it up VIP style a few nights. But this past Friday was different, this past Friday I came out of retirement as a DJ to resuscitate a weekly event I host that needed a fresh kick in the butt.

DJ Monty aka me- spinning at Recess with the rest of the Class of 2012!

Now, before we proceed, I figured I should divulge a little more information about myself, so following along in the future won’t be challenging. I have officially accepted the fact that I have four distinct personas. It’s true, over the years they have developed and taken on very different lives of their own, all positive ones, and they are as follows: 1) Club Tony – Rico suave at his best, Club Tony is out on the town kissing babies and hugging mothers as he works the nightlife scene wheeling and dealing for his company High Life Entertainment, LLC. Club Tony deals with a lot of stress, incompetence, and general annoyances with his job, but always looks dressed to impress with his too trendy for normal life jeans and collared shirts. 2) DJ Monty – Nationally almost renowned, DJ Monty used to be the soup du jour in the DC area, always happy, dancing and showing people a great time. Now in his twilight he resembles your favorite wrestler from the 80’s. Yeah, he may be balding a bit, have a stomach instead of “abs” and may limp a bit on his way to the ring, but he’s still able to knock it out of the park every once in a while and entertain the masses like the good old days, even if just for one night. 3) Studious Tony- He’s in a study group right now and is not available for comment. 4) Sleeping Tony- he’s been missing for a few years, but when he returns order will be restored in the world.

But I digress. Word spread quickly around our class about my night back in the DJ booth, and while everyone said they’d come support, I was skeptical. Why would they show? They hardly even know me! Much to my surprise though, the turnout was magnificent! People came, brought friends, embraced the night thoroughly and rocked out like the kind of old, but still young bunch we are.

Letting lose in DC!

Letting lose in DC!

Yet, the night should not be misconstrued, it was not about me, the night wasn’t about drinks and dancing either (although my blogging counterpart Stephen Huie is by far the elite dance floor magician of our class!) but more about the general show of support for a classmate and his business. To me, the showing of over fifty classmates spoke volumes of the family that now surrounds me every day, class after class, study group upon study group, homework assignment after homework assignment. I think if this were a NFL tryout for classmate Jamal, or an important bio-diesel publication launch led by classmate Frankie, or even a lighting conference hosted by classmate Eric- the turnout would have been the same; strong, supportive and without hesitation. Friday night was the night I finally realized that coming to the Smith school of business was the right move, because not only will I be leaving here with a good network, solid education and a plethora of career options, but with a loyal family willing to support each other in any endeavor that may lie ahead.


Math Camp- It's A Lele Kinda World

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Math Camp is Worth It

Of all the dorky things I have said to my family over the years, by far the dorkiest is telling them that I couldn’t talk to them this weekend because I had to focus on MATH CAMP! But it was true. Math Camp is worth it’s weight in gold, not only to refresh all the high school and college math you most likely have stored away in your brain under the filed information labeled “useless,” but also to familiarize yourself with one of the most unique professors I have ever been taught by, Professor Lele.

Lele is an incredible teacher of his expertise and is extremely effective in parlaying informational substance. But his unique accent, accelerated pace, and his hands-on approach is something to get adjusted to, especially if you want to get the most out of his knowledge. So, my advice for you incoming students, take Math Camp. Not only will you learn a few things (like derivatives for me), but you’ll also gain the leg up on the teaching style of a professor who is to be learned from!