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Business at Business School

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Business At Business School

As I have referred to in my previous posts, my situation is a bit different from some of my classmates. I own a promotion company called High Life Entertainment & Marketing, a consulting firm for the service and hospitality industry. High Life is my baby, a company I founded my sophomore year of undergrad at the George Washington University. We specialize in nightly promotions, consulting for bars, clubs and restaurants, and developing and executing elaborate private, corporate and university events. While it was recommended I attend a part-time or EMBA program, most of my events (over 95%) take place at night and on the weekends. Therefore, not wanting to give up my growing business I elected to join a full time program…and full time is what I got.

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The following was a normal Tuesday first semester for me.

6:35AM: Wake up. I live forty minutes from campus in traffic, and Tuesday’s I was stuck with an 8:30am class. While I get ready for a day at school I must pack work clothes (a suit), all items needed for my event that night (cash bank, wristbands, stamps, cash drawer, two microphones) and make a list of reminders and necessary phone calls (managers, door staff, security, clients, venue ownership, bus company, ect.) These two hours of my day are always a bit blurry and stand in my mind as incoherent memories at best, so I’m going to skip the to class.

8:35AM-11:15AM: Leadership and Human Capital Management. This is by far one of my favorite classes. We develop human resource strategy and leadership skills throughout the class, and in the midst of this course we get one fifteen minute break. I take three. The first break is to call and coordinate the bus drivers for the evening and confirm their itinerary for High Life’s brand new nightlife shuttle. The second call is to my DJ and security teams, the third my managers, making sure everyone is on the same page.

11:15AM-2;00PM: Office Hours for my Graduate Assistantship with the Marketing Communications department. Yes, the department that allows me to blog to you every week! Here is where I make up for lost time. I answer all my emails and call all potential clients who have inquired about future events, bookings and promotional opportunities. I then usually call all the venues I have and shop my events, meanwhile dealing with any and all problems that may arise with that night’s events. I also have creative meetings on the phone with my design team every Tuesday about my website and the week’s promotional materials. Also, I have to reach out to my customer base via phone call, email blast, text blast and social media to promote that night and the rest of the week’s events. Oh yeah, in this time I must also finish my Data Models and Decisions homework due at 2:00pm everyday, meet with my leadership team about our group project, write a blog like this beauty you are reading right now, and hopefully eat lunch. That is if I don’t have an exam or finance project due that day as well. Two hours and forty-five minutes has never been so productive…

2:00PM-3:15pm: Date Models and Decisions. Unlike Leadership and Human Capital Management, I can’t leave DMD. The class is very in-depth and one of my most difficult courses. So I unfortunately resort to “on-text” duty. My team knows that for the next three hours, barring emergency that I am available via text only and that I will only respond to issues that are pressing. This is a stressful hour and fifteen minutes because most problems, business opportunities and communication happen in the late afternoon, especially on days where we are hosting or have booked corporate happy hours or dinners.

3:15PM-3:30PM: This is the most frantic fifteen minutes of my day. By now I have received at least five or six business texts and even more customer inquiries. I bang out as many call backs as humanly possible during this time, and usually don’t succeed in getting to class on time.

3:30PM-5:00PM: Financial Management. Another phenomenal course, Finance is taught by my best and most understanding professor, Mike Faulkender. He allows us to use our computers during the class, which is great, because I can respond to business issues but also be an active participant in his lecture and catch up if I fall behind during lecture with the online slides.

5:00PM-8:00PM: Group Project and Homework time. These three hours are allocated for myself to both handle business issues but also work with my groups and complete my homework, readings and assignments for Wednesday.

8:00PM-8:10PM: Changing time. This is where the transformation from student Anthony to club Tony happens. It’s pure magic and dangerous if attempted by amateurs.

8:10PM-9:00PM: Fast Food. Yeah, I said it. I am a fast food regular as I eat and drive to my event. During this hour I’m mostly stuffing my face or on the phone. I usually try to give my mom a call too…

9:00PM-3:00AM: I’m at work, hosting, hugging mothers, kissing babies, and developing new contacts while making sure our events are running smoothly, busses are on time and clients are happy. There can’t be a moment where I look tired, am not smiling and show signs of stress. This is game time, and I have to be Michael Jordan every night.

3:00AM…: I go home, I pet my dog, and I watch Sportscenter. Yes, tomorrow I have to wake up and financially break down the evening, develop the next day’s gamelan and get through my classes. But for now, it’s pizza pockets, a Vitamin water, and some Tivo as I decompress from a normal day of insanity.


Halloween with Smith

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Halloween with Smith

Other than the masses of girls dressed as “sexy (insert professions here),” Halloween allows an opportunity to see a different side of a person. That’s why I tend not to dress up. I host up to four Halloween parties a year through my company, High Life Entertainment, and have given up on trying to consistently get multiple unique costumes for every night. My usual excuse is that I am too busy and that I have to run around and work and can’t be tied down by a random bulky costume. Yet, there real reason is that a costume is a tell, it’s a window into what you really wish you were or want to be. That’s why it was obvious that Joe McDonald went as Joe Dirt, or that Ananda Kirana dressed as the dude from Scream (yes, I am calling Ananda as mass murdering maniac…), and that every female came as either a sexy lumberjack, whorish kitty cat or naked devil (ok, maybe that was in my imagination, but can’t a kid dream?)

Yet, with all my fellow MBAers coming out to my Halloween bonanza, dressed in their telling Halloween gear, I decided that it was only fair to show my deeper side. It was only right to join my fellow students and reveal who I really am- give them a glimpse of the real Anthony Moniello. So for only a few minutes, on the last of my four Halloween weekend events, I decided to strip my layers of defense down and get in costume.

Don't Hate- Just Tickle!

What?!? With all these scantily dressed sexy everythings running around, who’s better suited to garner their attention than Tickle Me Elmo- the man I am destined to be.