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Monte Carlo Night

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Monte Carlo Night

Rollin' the dice for charity!

Let the camera’s flash, as Smith showed off their sexy at Monte Carlo night at the Omni Shoreham, one of DC’s most amazing hotels. It was a night of glitz and glamour as a record number of people attended the fundraising event that combines gambling (for over $1000 in cash), drinking and dancing for faculty, students and their dates. At the event was poker, blackjack, roulette, and Let it Ride tables as people gambled fake money for an opportunity to earn raffle tickets. The raffle tickets were then tossed into the pot for the generous Amazon prizes. If you didn’t win…no worries, just like in the real casino, it’s open bar baby!

Dancin' it up...for charity!

People drank their fill to better suite their dancing shoes, as once the casino tables closed everyone “threw their hands up in the air” and said “ayooooo baby let’s go” as they “rocked that” dance floor and they all “went all night” until 12 that is. The dance floor was jam packed with people rocking out!

The night didn’t end at midnight either! The after party poured out into a multitude of bars at Smith collectively let loose. People were quizzing significant others, setting up a plethora or double dates. Others shared drinks with students they have never seen before, of course having

Me and the lady friend about to get our drink on!

worlds collide finally over a few vices. So enjoy the pictures and be

Monte Carlo night had Amazon money prizes of up to $1000!

jealous of the great times!


Smith Hoops!

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To be a Kid Again

There we were, a collection of 12 of Smith’s finest…umm…athletes…decked out in our finest hoop gear. Focused. Determined. We were men on a mission to show the nation that we were the best MBA basketball team in the land. This Re-Deem Team was made up of a few second year players hungry to wipe the memories of 2010’s rough tournament results as well as a few green first years, anxious to make a mark. This was the moment we had all been working for so hard all season. Our once a week tireless practices, our strenuous studying of our four plays, the agonizing work put into our jersey number selection….this was the culmination. Then we lost by 35 in our first game to Chicago…

The Smith Squad! We went 2-1, defeating local rivals Georgetown and Virginia!

In the Georgetown Basketball MBA Invitational tournament we ended up 2-1, beating rivals UVA and Georgetown handily and taking our only loss (to the eventual championship team) with grace and professionalism. That said, while the basketball was fun, competitive and exciting, it was the brotherhood that was the highlight of the day. There is something to be said about 12 guys eating PB&J’s and sucking on orange slices all day as if we were still in a grade school tournament, sharing body aches and old basketball war stories for ten hours that rarely happens in one’s adult life. Yes there were girlfriends, wives and even parents at the games (and one fan- love you Danny!), it was the camaraderie of being on a team, stuck together, that was truly a priceless experience. People say you go to grad school to network, get a great new career and learn essential business principles, but that hoops tournament was about none of the above. It was about truly getting to know people better and building friendships.

My calendar is already marked for next year’s return trip, as Adam, Byron and the first year gang seek championship gold and I get another chance to re-live my CYO youth!


Intramural Weekly Report

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Smith Squad- Week #1

Co-Ed Victory by 17 Points!

Lukich, shown here slamming one home, was unstoppable hitting three's and owning the paint.

In previously uncharted territory for the SmithMBA basketball program, the school fielded its first ever Co-ed basketball team this past Monday night in grand fashion. Consistent with the program’s great history of success, the SmithMBA Co-ed squad proved victorious behind incredible efforts by the team’s ladies. Sara Herald’s shooting prowess combined with Co-ed Football Heisman recipient Julie Mullins and Margalit Gould’s defensive prowess, SmithMBA shook off their first half rust and took a commanding lead in the early moments of the second half. “We had the better team out there today,” Mike “Juwanna Man” Lukich pointed out after a brilliant performance both inside and out. Lukich excelled playing with the smaller woman’s ball nailing three pointers and blocking four shots in the game….all on girls, “It’s like I got stronger. I felt invincible!”

Player coach Andrew Garthoff was happy with the team’s performance, “We were a bit rusty chemistry wise, but Byron, our ladies, Mike, everyone, pulled it together and brought home the W.” The SmithMBA Co-ed squad is now 1-0 this season and all-time, and looks to go on a UConn type run from infancy, “We’re the best- period,” power forward Adam Kowalsky exclaimed, “P-E-R-I-D. Period.” The next Co-ed game is Monday night at the Armory, 6pm. Tickets are on sale now at

SmithMBA begins Title Defense with Blowout

On the men’s side, it was Byron “B-Diddy” Hartman and stingy defense that powered the squad to victory in the team’s first game of the season. Hartman led the team with what most people were saying was exactly anywhere from 16-19 points.

While Byron "B-Diddy" Hartman and Derek Criswell may be all laughs off the court, it was nothing but business on the floor this past Wednesday as the duo led SmithMBA to a defensive rout.

“The hoop looked like an ocean,” Mr. Diddy said, “and I had my swimmies with me tonight!” SmithMBA dominated the glass all night with great performances by Lukich, Jess “Little Big Man’ Petit, and Jay Zhang, and the team needed it after a poor shooting performance by their perimeter players (cough the author cough sucked ahem). Yet, the turning point was neither a defensive play or a big shot, but a motivational maneuver by Player Coach Garthoff, who with his back body drop of the opposing team’s point gaurd brought the bench into an uproar and changed the complexion of the game. “The other team played scared after that,” said power forward Nick Donlan, “And I don’t blame them, it looked painful…I cried just watching it happen.”

In a relevant storyline, Zhang, who didn’t even bother showing up until the second half, explained his behavior, “When they get better, I’ll play a full game.”  Player Coach Garthoff said Zhang will not be fined for his absence. The other squad, who shall remain nameless, had no response. SmithMBA men’s team has their next game this Wednesday at the Armory at 8pm. Tickets are selling fast- so get there early.