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Happy Holidays to you and yours and may everyone have a wonderful time amongst family and friends.

It has been a great 2011 and I look forward to speaking with you all again in 2012.


Anthony Moniello



The Right Decision

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As I continually kept you posted on my job search, I let you know about the big decisions that stood in front of me at the crux of every crossroad. So I feel it is only right to let you know my final decision here on my blog. After much deliberation that included an awesome opportunity to chat with the the CEO of Pepsi, the President of Sales with Diageo and countless alumni and friends who currently work with or have work with these companies and industries, I had a real opportunity to T-Chart all the conceivable pros and cons of each opportunity and decided to join the Diageo team. It will be a leadership development rotational program focused on marketing, sales strategy and mergers and acquisitions in Norwalk, Connecticut in their corporate headquarters. I will continually share more and more with you as 2012 kicks off and I begin on-boarding with my new employer!

My Official New Employer



A Thanksgiving Tradition

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MansGiving vs. Womansgiving

When you go to get your MBA, you are officially adding a new family to your current one. Sometimes this is a energy drain and annoyance because you have a whole new sets of demands, needs and requirements to attend do to not upset the family dynamic and to make sure your fulfilling your familial duties. Yet, most of the time, it’s a blessing. You have a whole new group to support you in your career endeavors, personal life, and educational endeavors. Yet like any family, around the holidays, you need to celebrate with those closest to you and enjoy the camaraderie of those you love.

This is how I introduce you to a feud that is unlike any other. Every family gets a bit competitive at times, brothers and sisters feud, and in-laws politely snide at one another. So it is of no surprise that we have many a feud in our MBA program, all stemming from love…and competitive sprit. Marketers vs. Finance Geeks (this actually could be just me versus my nemesis Rick Spadaro), First Years versus Second Years and Joe McDonald versus Professors name a few of the friendly spats that entertain us throughout the year. Another is the male population versus the female population. My biases begin here, because this is where I must put my man hat on and tell you how we are a lot more fun and a tighter cast of characters than the females, whose copycat attitude hasn’t produced and original bonding experience yet to even hold a candle to the men of the group. So when Mansgiving, a Thanksgiving feast created by Executive Chef Eric Choi and Sous Chef Tony Ragano for the fellas, was announced the ladies of our program were obviously true to their nature, got jealous and created Womansgiving. While both meals were credited with being delicious, original and exorbitant, we need third party judges. So the onus is now on you, which dinner do you think was better?

The Men’s:

The Mansgiving Feast - Look at all that Deliciousness!


The Womens:

Obviously only good for second best, a real JV offering by the Ladies, right?