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Redemption Road Leads To Championship Spoils

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Yours Truly Shooting some crunch time free throws!

If you have kept up with The Lighter Side over the years, you would notice a trend when it comes to our intramural basketball squads. While we have captured one championship in the 3 on 3 league this year, we have come up short despite having superior squads multiple times dating back to our losses in the semi-finals last year in Co-Ed and 3 on 3, to losing in the finals in the men’s league last year, to two heartbreaking tournaments at Georgetown. Yet, the Road to Redemption was paved by the RH Smithers 2012 squad who would not take “Lose” as an option. After entering the playoffs as a mere 5-seed, we ran through our first three opponents, the 12, 4 and 1 seeds respectively before meeting up with the 2-seed in the Finals.


The Finals took place at the old House that Lefty Driesell built, Cole Field House. Warm-ups came next, and were followed by starting line-up introductions and the National Anthem. But we didn’t notice, because we were in the zone. We started with a massive full-court 2-2-1 press, and while we weren’t scoring well, we turned them our opponents over throughout the evening and set a physical tone for the game. An early barrage of deep threes by our opponents had us down one by halftime. Yet, cheered on by our Smith cohort in attendance rooting fervently, we rallied back to capture the Championship T-Shirts on the back of Adam Kowalsky who led us with a huge three-pointer from the left corner and a couple tough buckets in the paint down the stretch.


While this isn’t the best journalistic depiction of a triumphant victory you will ever come across, it is another example of how much fun my classmates and I have at Smith and another example of why this author is starting to already prematurely miss his cohort.

Your 2012 5 on 5 Men's Champions!


Spring Break

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Just a heads up that I will gone for the week, enjoying the relaxing sights and sounds of Las Vegas. John Gravel and Danny Christian will be joining me, but unfortunately our girlfriends could not make it. Shucks!

Oh well, I hope you all have a great week, and please, don’t wait up for me!


Yup...just catching up on some Z's...


Networks & Influences: An MBA Story

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In my second course showcase of the semester, I bring to you an MBA miracle, almost. Led by seasoned professional Professor and Doctor Kathyrn Bartol, Networks and Influences is a class created to help develop networking skills and to learn how to develop power and influence in those circles. While the class was a blast and great learning environment chock full of guest speakers, great readings and interactive class assignments, the MBA story was born out of our final project.

Through a vague course assignment allowing you to host any event that promotes a networking environment, three classmates decided to team up, utilize their networks, in efforts to get one Kristine Adey a job. Kris desires an opportunity to work in corporate real estate development and her classmates suggested they make their assignment expanding their various networks to help Kris realize her goals.

This unselfish investment by her fellow Terps is seemingly paying dividends. By the end of the semester Kris is on her way to realizing that goal, with second round interview with CBRE and two other major companies realized through the networks of her peers and we will continue to watch this story as it unfolds!

More importantly, this story speaks to the type of students Smith boasts at our School of Business: Unselfish, caring, teamwork oriented, compassionate, winning.


The 2nd Annual MBA Basketball Tournament

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Every year, our neighbors to the South, Georgetown, hosts a basketball tournament for a host of MBA programs including Booth, Wharton, Darden and others. Of course, the Smith powerhouse is also always an entry and this year was no different. After a good showing last year where we went 2-1, losing only to Booth while beating local rivals McDonough and Darden, we were poised to excel in this years tournament. That’s where our positive vibes ended.

The only positive highlight of our tournament...

After a spirited victory over Wharton in our first game, our squad that ran ten deep led by veterans Jess Petit, Adam Kowalsky and myself could now overcome Tepper or Booth in back to back routes to finish a paltry 1-2. While I often come on this blog to brag about our many successes, I must be fair and take this one on the chin. Not only did we stink up the joint, but we did it in front of Jess and Adam’s parents, many a girlfriend, and despite having Capri Sun between games.

Graduating in just a few short months I must now plead and beg with our Office of Admissions to recruit some height! So if you are a potential Smith student with any height or skills please email me at and I’ll lean on them for you 🙂

Alumni Shout Out: Andrew Garthoff for showing up to our games with orange slices!