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Ethics: The Lele Strikes Back!

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Professor Shreevardhan Lele

My second ever post for the Lighter Side centered around Math Camp, an orientation experience that both prepared me and frightened me for what lied ahead for me at Smith. The three day crash course was taught by Professor Lele, a man, strike that, a mainstay…no…a epic figurehead, better, a myth among mortals at the Smith school. While Lele walks amongst us, seemingly mocking our mortality with his presence, he is usually calculating every regression model or decision tree that is optimal for the upcoming situation. His genius brought many to tears in his Data, Models, and Decisions core course, including your truly who scored a 38% and 54% respectively on his two exams. So it was a no-brainer for me to avoid his (apparently rewarding and thoughtful) Game Theory course and follow-up. Yet, when I was faced with my mandatory Ethics requirement, I had to face the harsh reality once again that I would suffer at the hands of THE Professor Lele.

While it may be too soon to speak to the grade I received in this class, Lele did, as is par for the course, set the standard for educational excellence by engaging our class in some of the most polarizing ethical quagmires of our day and from the past, across all nations. We then in return taught the class, as each student was responsible for broaching other current tough topics and stimulating their peers through any means necessary. Battle royals, Jeopardy, and mock cases just scratched the surface of how we engaged each other in the spirit of ethical debate centered around International Climate Change Negotiations, Equal Rights Initiatives and much much more.


The Jedi Lele strikes again, as this Master Yoda of Smith showed us once again how to use our Force for good.

Yoda, Lele...Best Friends?