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My name is Anthony Moniello, a 27 year old entrepreneur who started his own company, High Life Entertainment & Marketing at the ripe age of 19 years old. Simultaneously I graduated from the George Washington University with a Journalism degree and have worked in sports radio and television until I came to Smith.
I am intrigued about sharing my endeavors at the Smith business school because I feel like my story may intrigue others who have contemplated keeping either a full-time job or part-time opportunity while going through the full time MBA experience. I am still the sole owner and operator of my company and intend to dive head first into everything Smith has to offer. So, I hope you follow my blog and are entertained, informed and intrigued over the next few years as I take on this journey one day at a time!
Anthony Moniello
Owner/Founder of High Life Entertainment & Marketing, LLC
First Year Smith School MBA Candidate Class of 2012

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