Networks & Influences: An MBA Story

March 12th, 2012 by under Education, Everything!. No Comments.

In my second course showcase of the semester, I bring to you an MBA miracle, almost. Led by seasoned professional Professor and Doctor Kathyrn Bartol, Networks and Influences is a class created to help develop networking skills and to learn how to develop power and influence in those circles. While the class was a blast and great learning environment chock full of guest speakers, great readings and interactive class assignments, the MBA story was born out of our final project.

Through a vague course assignment allowing you to host any event that promotes a networking environment, three classmates decided to team up, utilize their networks, in efforts to get one Kristine Adey a job. Kris desires an opportunity to work in corporate real estate development and her classmates suggested they make their assignment expanding their various networks to help Kris realize her goals.

This unselfish investment by her fellow Terps is seemingly paying dividends. By the end of the semester Kris is on her way to realizing that goal, with second round interview with CBRE and two other major companies realized through the networks of her peers and we will continue to watch this story as it unfolds!

More importantly, this story speaks to the type of students Smith boasts at our School of Business: Unselfish, caring, teamwork oriented, compassionate, winning.