Monte Carlo V2.0 – The Updated and Extended Version

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A year ago, I shared with you some of my most fond memories, amongst them being an incredible evening last February at the Omni Shoreham called Monte Carlo night. If

Professor Faulkender and 2nd Years Galore at Monte Carlo Night 2012!

you look back on my blog, you will see a fun post about how Smith showed off their sexy as the glitz and glamour evening with a live DJ, open bar and gambling tables was an admittable great time. Yet, it was just a “great time.” Not epic, insane or earth shattering… just a “great time.” In comparison, I have a great time doing a lot of things, including showering for longer than eight minutes, eating brunch, and playing Ipad Monopoly. Great times sometimes just won’t cut it.

In came Danny Christian, a Maryland boy with High Life roots and a vision to change the way Smithers everywhere percieved “fun.” With nothing but an average budget and his animal insticts, Mr. Christian designed a Steve Jobs type masterpiece never to be outdone – think the Ipad without the existence of an Ipad 2…bad example…um…better yet, the original toaster. Yeah, Monte Carlo V2.0 was the toaster of inventions, never to be outdone by these average fly by night bread toasting wannabees we’ve seen over the years.

The scene was set at the Mandarin Oriental, the canvas in which Mr. Christian painted with his booze brush eight elegant bars serving all you can drink high-end (mostly delicious Diageo brands such as Captain Morgans, Johnny Walker and Tanqueray…mmmm…makes you want to go buy some right now!) liquors starting at 8:00pm and stopping only when the fat lady sang…and Mr. Christian made sure that that could not happen by booking a band, not only sans a fat lady but also sans a horrific lead singer who thinks they can be as cool as the Fresh Prince and as vocally inclined as Celine Dion. You heard it right, no cool joe who thinks you should belt out

Danny, Taylor and I enjoying all 8 Open Bars!

“My Heart Should Go On,” with the same voice he rocks Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Yes, it’s no myth, Mr. Christian booked a band with a DJ that covered the vocals, pure Christian (Danny- not Jesus…even though some have confused the two around here recently) genius.

Table games flooded the rooms as did passed hors-d’ourves, food stations, and Smith Alumni. Gambling furiously were our broke co-hort, only to be distracted by a packed dance floor and Dr. K’s “Oh” face. The grandeur was in the air, and for one epic night, exams, jobs, internships, group projects, final papers, interview preps, weddings, moving arrangements, student loans and whatever other stresses in the life of an MBA were pushed to the side, and in its place was awesomness. Pure, unadulterated awesomness.




For this we say, thank you Danny Christian, you are the man.


The man, the myth, the legend, Danny Christian.

P.S. I will never say this again, and I will also constitute this niceness as your birthday gift- so soak it up!

P.S.S. Special thanks to Hanna for taking such awesome photos, most of which are too amazing to put on my blog 🙂

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