Redemption Road Leads To Championship Spoils

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Yours Truly Shooting some crunch time free throws!

If you have kept up with The Lighter Side over the years, you would notice a trend when it comes to our intramural basketball squads. While we have captured one championship in the 3 on 3 league this year, we have come up short despite having superior squads multiple times dating back to our losses in the semi-finals last year in Co-Ed and 3 on 3, to losing in the finals in the men’s league last year, to two heartbreaking tournaments at Georgetown. Yet, the Road to Redemption was paved by the RH Smithers 2012 squad who would not take “Lose” as an option. After entering the playoffs as a mere 5-seed, we ran through our first three opponents, the 12, 4 and 1 seeds respectively before meeting up with the 2-seed in the Finals.


The Finals took place at the old House that Lefty Driesell built, Cole Field House. Warm-ups came next, and were followed by starting line-up introductions and the National Anthem. But we didn’t notice, because we were in the zone. We started with a massive full-court 2-2-1 press, and while we weren’t scoring well, we turned them our opponents over throughout the evening and set a physical tone for the game. An early barrage of deep threes by our opponents had us down one by halftime. Yet, cheered on by our Smith cohort in attendance rooting fervently, we rallied back to capture the Championship T-Shirts on the back of Adam Kowalsky who led us with a huge three-pointer from the left corner and a couple tough buckets in the paint down the stretch.


While this isn’t the best journalistic depiction of a triumphant victory you will ever come across, it is another example of how much fun my classmates and I have at Smith and another example of why this author is starting to already prematurely miss his cohort.

Your 2012 5 on 5 Men's Champions!