The 2nd Annual MBA Basketball Tournament

March 5th, 2012 by under Everything!, Smith Lettin' Loose, Sports. No Comments.

Every year, our neighbors to the South, Georgetown, hosts a basketball tournament for a host of MBA programs including Booth, Wharton, Darden and others. Of course, the Smith powerhouse is also always an entry and this year was no different. After a good showing last year where we went 2-1, losing only to Booth while beating local rivals McDonough and Darden, we were poised to excel in this years tournament. That’s where our positive vibes ended.

The only positive highlight of our tournament...

After a spirited victory over Wharton in our first game, our squad that ran ten deep led by veterans Jess Petit, Adam Kowalsky and myself could now overcome Tepper or Booth in back to back routes to finish a paltry 1-2. While I often come on this blog to brag about our many successes, I must be fair and take this one on the chin. Not only did we stink up the joint, but we did it in front of Jess and Adam’s parents, many a girlfriend, and despite having Capri Sun between games.

Graduating in just a few short months I must now plead and beg with our Office of Admissions to recruit some height! So if you are a potential Smith student with any height or skills please email me at and I’ll lean on them for you 🙂

Alumni Shout Out: Andrew Garthoff for showing up to our games with orange slices!