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Building your Network

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On Tuesday night, I went to an event that my undergraduate sorority chapter was holding. My reason for attending was to support them, as alumni did when I was on campus. It also didn’t hurt that the workshop was titled “How to Brand Yourself”, which I figured would be an interesting topic to hear about from the various panelists. While the event was great, with three amazing panelists, it wasn’t until the question and answer portion that I realized there was an attendee that I had to meet. She asked a question about having her International Development degree and wondered if she should pursue her MBA and I had considered whether I should purse a development degree. It was like fate. So after the session, I approached her about her experience in development, and she said that she was more than willing to give me a list of books that have helped her in her career and were used in her program. She expressed that she would appreciate speaking to me about her my business school experience, as well. We exchanged contact information and have already set up a time to talk in more depth. She may not be giving me a job, but it is always great to meet someone in the field I am looking to get into who is so willing to assist me. Networking happens everywhere and one thing that Smith prepares you to do, is to be on you’re A game when it does. Don’t shy away from expanding your network at anytime, you never know where it can lead!


It’s not all academic

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Business school is definitely about the academics, but keep in mind we are here to enjoy ourselves. There are so many fun activities to participate in such as Fall Ball (think Grown-Up Prom), Tailgates, Happy Hours or even Cases and Beer where we mix academics and beer! This weekend coming up is our Halloween Tailgate, and I’ve decided to go as a Runner. Since I’ll be participating in the Marine Corp 10K the next day, I’ll just wear my race bib and some athletic gear.

One thing I love about Smith is the sense of community you develop in these two short years. A lot of students participate in the intramural system with soccer or basketball. Smith Soccer won the intramural championship this year and I know our flag football is quite impressive, as well. Not only do students participate, but we cheer each other on as well. It’s a great feeling to go out and support your classmates in their endeavors outside of the classroom. This year Smith joined the intramural volleyball league. I played in one game and really enjoyed myself. Despite losing to the computer science grad students, it was still great to play with students I didn’t know shared my interest of volleyball.

I really enjoy what I’ve gotten out of Smith as far as the community. My classmates are great people and we really have bonded. Being at Smith, I’ve learned that a top ranked school can be competitive and collaborative at the same time. It’s a great feeling to work with and against students in a classroom setting and then want to spend more time with them outside of it. The community at Smith is great and I wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s great to have school pride and be a part of a community that cares.


Time Management is an understatement!

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So you look at your class schedule and think that taking 12 credit hours a week couldn’t be that challenging, but think again. I sometimes think that, but am reminded that going to class isn’t my only responsibility while in school. I have responsibilities as a Graduate Assistant, a student leader and as a student. On top of all these responsibilities, I am still in the application process to find a full time job; after all, that is why I came to business school! Time management is not only extremely important; it can almost be your best friend. To be honest, this past week, preparing for finals (I know it seems too early for those), final projects, a few group papers, I felt a little overwhelmed. I am also training for a 10k, so I have to find time to get a few runs in and try to fit in a social life, but that’s becoming harder. As of late I have found myself using my planner as my to do list for each day to keep me on task and it really helps. One thing you learn in life that is reaffirmed in business school is that you cannot stretch yourself to thin. In a world where people are depending on you, it is not in your best interest to have your hand in a lot of pots and produce sub par/ below quality work. At Smith, once you commit yourself, as a student, leader or otherwise, people are depending on you and it’s in your best interest to use time management to your advantage to do well at everything you do.