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The Countdown Begins!

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I’m very excited because yesterday I had my first fall class for my Winter Study Abroad trip to Malaysia. It’s one of the short study abroad classes offered, of the about 6 options going all over the world including India, China, Israel and South Africa. Each course offers a different theme, which was why I chose Malaysia; we will be studying Islamic Finance. It’s a growing sector in which financial matters and investments are all governed the by the word of the Qu’ran and also over seen by a Sharia board as another level governance. I learned about this type of finance when I worked at Lincoln financial, one of the funds we researched, Amana Funds, was an Islamic fund that had certain stipulations on how it invested its money and I found it to be completely interesting. Coincidentally, yesterday our guest lecturer for class was an executive from Amana funds who gave us more background into Islamic finance and its origins. Needless to say, my excitement was intensified. Right now, my biggest decision is whether I should plan to travel over to Asia early and visit possibly Thailand or to maybe extend the trip and visit Germany for a day or two, so many options. This class is another example of a trip that I would never in a million years imagine taking alone or with friends and there’s the added bonus of it being a study abroad opportunity and earning credits.
Smith makes it really easy for students to travel abroad on these short term trips in January, March, May or August. Not going abroad undergrad was something I definitely regret and I’m glad that I have the opportunity to do so with fellow Smith students, having meetings with Malaysian executives from various companies and learn about an emerging topic at the same time. The thing I like most about the Short Term trip is, it’s just that, short term, for only ten days. This way I can spend all four semesters physically at Smith, but still gain an abroad experience. Smith is full of great opportunities like this, you just to make you take advantage of them while you are here!