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Second Year……

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So it’s the tail end of fall term finals right now and I thought as a second year, I would be “coasting”. What a fallacy that is. I am currently taking three classes in Term B, a pre-departure class for Malaysia, Applied Equity Analysis and International Economics for Managers and I am almost as stressed as I was in the first seven weeks here at Smith. If you have talked to any Smith student, you know the first seven weeks as the most qualitatively based and intense time at Smith. Well here I am a year plus later and I am stunned to feel that same pressure return. The great thing about it this time it’s because of classes that I chose for myself and I am really enjoying working on my projects. That may sound crazy, but there’s something to be said about feeling like you’re really learning something and can appreciate your classes. The project I am currently working on is a company valuation, which is extremely time consuming but I think it’s been a great learning experience, at the same time. That’s the great thing about business school, every time I have felt stressed and pressured, I know it’s because I’ve, personally, placed that much importance on my education. I want to get the most out of it that I can, which makes me work that much harder. Business school is about making your experience valuable to you and even though I wish I wasn’t taking finals and working on final projects, I wouldn’t trade the education or experience.