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8 credits to graduation just became 10…

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Luckily for me, I am only taking 8 credits this semester, which totals 4 classes. I am taking 6 during term C (the first 7 weeks) and 2 during the latter part of the semester. I am used to the three classes during a term, but now I find my days are more open, or so I thought. It’s January and I am still in the job search process. Instead of spending my days shopping or watching television, I am researching companies and strategically planning a job map to figure out what my best plan of action should be. This all takes time, its not easy, but its exciting all at the same time. I am not frustrated with the process (yet), because I know that every dream job opportunity takes time and I don’t know if I’ve fully given the process my full attention yet. As of January 30, I can say that I will now consider myself having another 2 credit class, titled “Arielle’s Job Search 780”. Unlike those listed on the class schedule, it doesn’t meet regularly, but it is work intensive. There is a lot of outside classroom learning, qualitative and some quantitative work, but I know it will be worth it. I hear the professors pretty good too. Okay that last part was a joke, seeing as this class is my own personal independent study. This may seem comical, but in all honesty, I have to approach the job search process like another class. I have to do the work and the due diligence if I want to see results and because I know I will see results, I am willing to put in that work. Check back with me to see how the class is going; I’m sure I will have interesting tales of success and otherwise along the way.


Greetings from Langkawi Island, Malaysia!!

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Winter break can be a great time to relax, devote time to your job search and/or take a short term study abroad trip. I was fortunate enough to do all three! Right now I am writing to you from Langkawi Island, Malaysia. This is my last night here in Malaysia and it has been an amazing trip. The class offered a lot of great visits to companies and universities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to deepen our understanding of Islamic Finance and its future in Malaysia. If you didn’t know, Malaysia is set to be the hub of global Islamic finance, so I feel more than fortunate to have been able to have inside conversations with stakeholders who will really help this process along. Along with the business visits, I had time to actually see Malaysia and what it had to offer and it’s been such an eye opening experience. I never imagined I would be traveling to South East Asia and here I am! Smith opens a lot of doors for you and its imperative that you take advantage of all that you can. It was great to not only get to know the students I traveled with but also mix academics with making life long memories. All I can say is I am truly fortunate!