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Spring Break!

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It’s not all about working hard, it’s about playing hard as well. A luxury we are given as full time students are winter, spring and summer breaks. These are well deserved breaks that really allow us to make the most of our time in school. Many students use this time to get ready for interviews, continue the job/ internship search or just recuperate and prepare themselves for the next set of classes. Spring break for many full time students means the end of our first term of classes and then the beginning of the next 7 week term (Term D). Luckily before I graduate, I only have one more 2 credit class, so I will have more free time to devote to the job search process.
I planned my spring break this year to maximize travel and job search, with a weekend trip to Paris and then the rest of the week working on things to get me caught up and prepared for the next semester. My trip to Paris was fantastic and I recommend everyone visit at least once in their lifetime. Also, as break comes to an end, I think I have done a good job at catching myself on behind work. It happens sometimes, but you can’t make a habit of it. Overall, don’t get too caught up in one aspect of your life while in school. You have to learn to effectively multitask, because this is one of the fundamental challenges presented to you, while here. I’ve learned my lesson and ready to finish up the semester/term strong. Countdown to graduation has officially begun!


How was Buffett you ask?

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Buffett was GREAT! So Warren Buffett was named as the third richest man in America and should couple that title with most personable and down to earth 80 year old you could imagine. The days started with a tour of Nebraska Furniture Mart and then we headed to the offices to have a question and answer period in the Cloud Room of Berkshire Hathaway. The 2.5 hours of question and answer was great, because not only did he offer insight into what made him successful business wise, but he talked about life lessons un-related to business that we could use as take-a-ways. I remember that he stopped reading fiction in his 20s, his views on marriage and has an affinity to Youtube. We talked about his Fisher investment views and fears of Lindsay Lohan running off to Mexico with Ben Bernanke. Also, he offered his views on China as an emerging economy, how African markets would play in the growth of the world’s economy and then switched gears to talk about his views on the ovarian lottery and asking for any transvestites in the room( he was making a joke). A lucky Smith student was chosen to ride with him from the Berkshire Hathaway offices to the restaurant. After lunch, he posed with every student for pictures and took some funny ones, like a fake proposal to Sarah Kroncke, one of our professor chaperones. Overall, it was a great visit; he taught me a lot and made me literally burst out laughing, at the same time. I’m thankful to Smith gave for this opportunity.


Trip Details, I know finally…

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So I have kept you on your toes long enough, the trip I was referring to is to Omaha, Nebraska. Exciting right?!? Actually, despite the preconceived notion that Omaha has nothing to offer, it really will be an exciting trip. The purpose of the trip is to attend a question and answer, then lunch session with Mr. Warren Buffett! Now you’re excited for Omaha! This is the first time Maryland students have met with him since 2005 and we are taking about 20 students, as one of eight schools to participate in the event. The last time Smith went, it was a combination of MBAs and undergrads, but this year it will be all MBAs, with two faculty members accompanying us. I will definitely keep you posted, but I am really excited to try to some steak in Omaha. I really don’t know what to expect beyond that, but either way, I’m meeting Warren Buffett. Wow, now that I think about it, this is the second time this year Smith has allowed me to experience a once in the lifetime opportunity. If you stay involved and open to new things, Smith will open a lot of doors for you, so be prepared to walk through them!

Till next time!