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One more month?!?!

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April 20 is not only my older brother’s birthday, but marks the official one month countdown to graduation. That is the most exciting and terrifying thought all at the same time. Why do you ask, because this is my last graduation (until I decide to get three more masters degrees – jk) and I do not have a secured job to date. Either way, I’m also excited because I have accomplished a great deal in my 25 years and am happy about that. So … School’s out for summer? No, school’s out forever! It’s really a bitter sweet time around campus; everyone is planning dinners and get togethers to get the most of our last month here. These two years aren’t just marked with academics, but they are full of memories and friendships, a family of sorts. There’s never really an official goodbye when it comes to good friends, but it always feels like it when there’s a final activity such as graduation to remind you that you won’t be spending everyday together anymore. I know I will be sad to leave school; I’ve made good friends and connections over the past two years. My first year was a bit more hectic for me, I was a bit shy and spent most of my time off campus, commuting from school to work to home, but this year has changed drastically and I’m glad to have gotten to know my classmates better. My advice to all those looking at Smith, be prepared to come to school for an MBA and leave with a family.