The Home Stretch





Can you imagine it is been only a few weeks since we started school and we are already in the home stretch phase for Term A?

Job applications, elevator pitches and interview preparations for National Black are already so intimidating and when coupled with finals week just gets worse.

How do we find a balance between the academics and career? Is it even possible to reach some sort of an equilibrium before all the craziness comes to an end? Well, maybe.

I think I have kinda found a strategy that works for me and so I am going to share it with everyone to do my bit for the Terp community.

fear the turtle


I have decided to not worry about the finals till after I am done with the conference. I want to give the conference my 100% so I don’t regret not having the learning curve I deserve from the conference.

Having said that I am not going to stress and overburden myself with the conference either. I think it is about time we stop (I have) applying for jobs on the National Black website and just concentrate on our SAR stories and elevator pitches. Also, don’t fret already if you don’t have any interview calls. Just think of this as a chance to perfect the elevator pitch and get comfortable with talking about yourself and your resume.




Try to take a quality approach. Research only on the companies you really aspire to get in- Tier 1 companies for you. Make a cheat sheet of the things you need to highlight about you and about the company when you visit the company booth. This will help you calm your nerves before approaching your potential employer.

Try to find a floor plan of the conference and mark the companies in order of preference you want to visit. This will make sure you don’t get disoriented at the conference and remain calm and confident throughout the conference. I would also advocate taking small breaks every couple of hours to refresh and rejuvenate.

On the flight to New Orleans either catch up on some sleep or read through the Kraft guide (marketing students) and just go through your SAR stories. This will sub consciously prepare you to be more confident when you get there.

After the conference is over don’t forget to collect some swag, no matter how good or bad the conference has been the swag will pep us up.

Post the second day at the conference, go out with your friends and make sure you try to get the best experience of the city and have a good night’s sleep so you can get ready for the finals to come.

Come Sunday stock up on coffee and start your 48 hours crazy marathon. This is as worse as it gets. Just keep thinking of the super lunch MPO is going to serve after the Econ mid-term. (Food is a big driver for me. #JustSaying).

Good luck you guys. We are all in this together and we will get through it together.

Go Terps!


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