Monthly Archive: March 2017

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College at College Park!

My journey with the University of Maryland started four years ago when I came to meet my cousin. I knew right away that this is the place where I am going to go to school. It was not just the beautiful, green campus or the expansiveness of the campus but the fact that there are over 60,000 students going to school here. The community feel of the college became evident very soon. Driving around the campus, I realized why the area is called College Park. It is the modest things like the rock climbing wall, golf course, bubble tea cafes, squirrels munching on pine cones and acorns in the amphitheaters, suited bike riders and the larger than life football grounds that made me fall in love with College Park.   My tryst with all the other interesting and fascinating things started last fall when I finally came to start school in the MBA program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. On my arrival, I was inundated with so much information on the things I need to experience to make the best of my two years. Yes, Washington, D.C., is close by but will I ever have to go...