What is important to you?

March 16th, 2012 by under Questions. 2 Comments.

In the R. H. Smith School of Business, we are excited about this Advanced Executive Coaching Program that begins on May 17-18, 2012.  As you review the curriculum for the six-month program, we are interested in what is important for you in each of these modules.   What do you want to learn, what will help you most in your coaching, and what are you curious about?

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Pam Mayo  on March 18th, 2012

I am interested in understanding how Module 2 on The Leaders’ Odyssey: Coaching Leaders’ Stories taught by Neil Stroul differs from and builds on the class he taught in the Georgetown Program.

cgraser  on March 21st, 2012

Response from Dr. Neil Stroul:

This course will begin where the Georgetown course left off. At Georgetown, I introduced the idea of heroism, as a key construct in the psychology of stories. In “The Leader’s Odyssey: Coaching to Leaders’ Stories” we will move more deeply into the underlying psychology that is the source of leaders’ stories. We will examine concepts and frameworks from applied psychology such as Locus of Control, Cognitive bias and distortion, the fallibility of memory (including distinctions like declarative vs. procedural memory), time perception, narrative psychology, and more. The intent is to develop strategies that will allow coaches to more fully enter leaders’ stories, work with them to discover new perspectives, and ultimately to reclaim personal power through reframing and rewriting stories that don’t work.