Monte Carlo Night!

February 7th, 2012 by under Cohorts, Only at Smith. No Comments.

After recently posting about interviews, electives, and networking, I realize that I have forgotten to write about an unsung pillar of the MBA experience: FUN!

That’s right, readers; MBA candidates do actually find time for fun. Every once in a while, there is a special event that brings the entire Smith community together, and one of those events is Monte Carlo Night.

Monte Carlo Night is an evening of gambling, dancing, and enjoying a cocktail or two with friends, faculty, and alumni. This year, we are hosting Monte Carlo Night at the Grand Ball Room at the Mandarin Hotel (check out the picture above!).

There are a few new editions to this year’s event, including the music of a live band and also the chance to win a Kindle Fire.

When you’re considering where to get your MBA, you should consider a school that emphasizes community. The MBA process is rigorous, and the people going through that process with you can be your closest friends—if you’re in the right environment. Smith clearly focuses on community, and events like Monte Carlo night give us a great space to relax and enjoy each other.

As always, be sure to ask about events like Monte Carlo Night during your interview!

Monte Carlo Night was established in 2002 to raise money for the M. Scott Lamana and Eric Cranford Memorial MBA Fellowship Fund. The fund is named after two Smith Students who were killed in the September 11th attack on the Pentagon.