Apr 132018


This CNBC original documentary takes viewers inside the story of Warren Buffett’s extraordinary success.  With a blend of wisdom and common sense, Buffett is more than just one of the most successful investors in American history.  He’s also a teacher who has had a tremendous influence on people around the world.  Correspondent Becky Quick profiles Buffett and some of the many people whose lives have been influenced, and even changed, by his investment advice and life lessons. Some are famous, and others unknown – everyday folks, some running small ventures, who feel a connection to one of the wealthiest people on the planet.  Quick meets a young man who attributes his recovery from an opioid addiction in part to Buffett’s principles of ethics and integrity, and profiles NFL superstar Ndamukong Suh, who has been mentored by Buffett as he pursues business interests he hopes will carry him beyond his pro football career.  CNBC cameras also follow Buffett to Washington D.C., as he visits the neighborhood where he lived as a teenager and got his entrepreneurial start delivering newspapers in the 1940’s.

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