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Winter break came and passed, a glorious five weeks of nothing. I stayed here in Maryland (for those loyal followers, you already know that I’m from here). It was great. I went to the gym every day, I spent time with friends and family, and generally contributed nothing to society or the economy (sans gym membership fee). And now, here I am, back at College Park, sitting in my office at Van Munching Hall. For the geeks, woot.

 My boyfriend is in town for the semester, completing an internship. My esteemed job is to wake up early and take him to the Metro station. Then I head up to school to put in my GA hours, and go to class. Here’s the lineup for the quarter:

  • The Global Economic Environment (macroeconomics)
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Manging Digital Business Markets
  • Brand Management
  • Culture, Ethics, and Communication

Naturally, these classes will switch out for new ones in March. Anybody excited yet?

I had a bad day yesterday. There was a home basketball game versus UVA, and of course that means the campus freezes. Parking lots are shut down for the sake of making money. All students are squashed into one lot. It’s impossible to find a space. I’d been angry at the gym on campus already because it’s incredibly crowded with people (half of them are checking each other out). And if you go to the gym before 4 p.m., you can’t park in the lot next to it. So you have to walk. When I get out of class at 2 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday, I walk to my car, grab my things, walk to the gym, and then leave later to sit in traffic. Lovely.

Yesterday I joined a gym near my home. It should be worth it. Here’s to reducing personal stress (and spending an additional $33 a month).