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second place is the first loser

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Back in middle school, I remember some brand called “No Fear” was pretty popular. Boys wore these bold T-shirts around the hallways, emblazoned with athletic and competitive slogans on the front. And the back, of course, carried “No Fear” logos – some jagged, masculine letters. I guess the company’s best days were back in the mid-90s. I have no idea what happened to them. (I did a quick search for it and found a designer who used to freelance for No Fear named David Snow. He’s got No Fear logos on his personal site at Obviously I don’t know him). That’s obviously one of his logos. Thanks, David Snow. Hope your career is as good as it was back in the mid-90s with No Fear. 🙂

The point of this entry was to say, my club volleyball team lost in the finals at our tournament this weekend. It was a heartbreaker. If we had one of our missing team members there, we might have taken it — she’s around 5’10” or 5’11” and puts up a big block to hit around (or into). I did pretty well, overall, and I feel good, despite being the oldest member of the team.

For the most part, I am competitive with just myself. I always try to do the best that I can, understanding that sometimes others have advantages or capabilities that I don’t have. And I try not to be too hard on myself, although that fails 99 percent of the time. But in volleyball, I’m extremely competitive, and that little trait makes playing so difficult. I want to play and win all the time. I’ll play as hard as I physically can in an attempt to win. And if things don’t turn out right, I take it hard. I’m even harder on myself. So when we lose in the final round, I always think back to that No Fear slogan – second place is the first loser. It’s so true, especially if you ‘re a pessimist.

It’s sort of like those mid-90s Ford Motor Company commercials that used to have a jingle – “We’re number one, we’re second to none.” I hate to be second to someone in sports.

I guess I should probably study for my econ and accounting finals this week. Whoops.


further education?

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Lately I’ve been wondering if futher graduate education might be a possible career path. Can I see myself as Dr. Donna Lin?

My Digital Business Markets professor, Dr. Joe Bailey, said in class that people come to Smith to learn. That’s what makes the difference between Smith and other graduate business schools. I believe that. Classrooms are interactive, people are asking questions because they genuinely want to know how concepts can be implemented in the business world. (Granted, sometimes professors’ grading requirements include a percentage dedicated to classroom participation, but we will ignore this for the sake of simplicity).

If I did decided to apply to graduate school, would it be better to gain more work experience post-MBA and come back, or is it acceptable to do it all in one shot? Hmm…

I’ve really come to love what I learn in the classroom (doing homework is another story 🙂 ). I find myself trying to draw parallels between what I’ve seen at work or how I think a process could be streamlined or altered. It’s starting to seem as if the broad overviews I’m exposed to in class aren’t enough to satisfy my curiosity…is this dorky, or is this a sign?


a homely addiction

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My family is addicted to House.

I love House, both the movie, and the character. (Incidentally, so does this cat, courtesy of Over winter break, I was randomly browsing when I discovered House season 1 and 2 DVDs on sale for $12.99 each. I hardly ever watch TV, but I do really like the show, and I decided the investment was worthwhile. A week and a half later, I became the proud owner of House seasons 1 and 2, and I proceeded to leave the shrink wrap on it until last week, when my family opened the DVDs and the monster was born. My mom watched House endlessly the entire weekend, and my family crammed around the TV as they watched both seasons in less than two days. Now that’s what I’d call an addiction.

So what did I do all weekend? I watched a little House, but not an insane amount (like the rest of the Lin family). I celebrated Texas Independence Day at a college friend’s party – serving as the Texan wannabe – and generally did nothing. But I have no regrets. Except, maybe, I should have tried a little harder in accounting. That class is the class to dread of second semester.

As a side note, though, there’s something about Hugh Laurie as Dr. House that’s irresistible. Nothing like a crabby, bitter, salt-and-pepper haired, brilliant Brit acting as an American to get my heart racing. (Insert racy purr here).