rediscovering Incubus at 12:26 a.m.

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I wish there was some deep and metaphoric meaning to that title – wouldn’t it make me seem so poetic and artistic? Unfortunately (for my soul), it’s the literal truth (pleasant for my ears). I decided to take advantage of a $15 iTunes giftcard that I won at a friend’s bridal shower and update some of my music. I’m not much of an iTunes user other than loading an iPod – I acquire my music from friends (rather than downloading). Anyway, I noticed most of my playlists were ancient or in desperate need of editing.

Definitely borrowed from the lovely author at :

Definitely borrowed. I think this is supposed to make fun of One Tree Hill, which I've never seen:

Long story short (sorry for the paranthetical paragraph above, and here), I rediscovered my “Make Yourself” Incubus CD now ripped into neat iTunes mpeg or mp3 files…and the awesome song “I Miss You.” The last time I remember thinking about this song was after breaking up with my first boyfriend…a good long while ago. How moody and angst -y (good word). If you’d like to see how good I was at wallowing back then, feel free to look up the lyrics. I probably should move on before I embarrass myself.

I’m on the last lap of my MBA education/marathon. I have only two classes to go, Marketing Strategy and our core Business Plan Competition. My team is promoting “Weddings By The Book,” a wedding planning business that offers formulaic wedding ceremonies and receptions for mid-range budget and “less picky” brides. As for marketing…I’ve got a group case analysis and presentation and individual paper to go before graduation. All is well in my world. Between random wedding planning here and there, catching up with friends, and preparing for the big move (to Wichita, KS, if you need to be refreshed), I’m managing.

Incubus’s “Drive” just came on. And back to iTunes (umm, I mean studying)?