the big day

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was May 22 at the Comcast Center. We walked with approximately 150 other MBA program and master’s students, as well as 875 undergraduates…and I can hardly believe this is the end of the road at Smith for me (for now, perhaps)!

That short walk across the stage didn’t seem as if it was enough to represent the two years of work we’d put in. And how do you begin to say goodbye to people you’ve spent hours working with in case rooms, classrooms, and at strange hours of the night?

I’ve never been very good at goodbyes. I consider myself an outgoing person, but somehow I become awkward in two social situations: dating and goodbyes. Luckily, I am getting married on July 30, so the dating awkwardness is negligible. However…a cliche describes it best – the only thing that is constant is change…or the only thing that is consistent is inconsistency…and goodbyes are something I will have to deal with (though awkwardly). 🙂

So to my classmates and colleagues – thank you. I sincerely believe every person we come into contact with changes some part of our personalities, and you’ve all affected me in some great way. And since I’m terrible at saying goodbye (it just seems so cheesy), let’s assume our paths will cross again!

I think I may continue to blog after school, so stay tuned for more news.