the NBA Finals and Caps feeding frenzy

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After the Redskins reign of success of the late 1980s/early 1990s, Washington D.C. professional sports have been the bane of a sport fan’s existence…at least, for this sports fan. I remember my excitement over the Bullets-turned-Wizards and learning “Hail to the Redskins.” I remember the Washington Warthogs (does anyone else) and when the Caps weren’t cool…which really wasn’t all that long ago.

Caps frenzy seems to have seized the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and hasn’t let go. It won’t, if the Caps keep doing well…since they just beat the Penguins tonight, it’s unlikely anything will change. It’s funny how pro sports in DC have been pretty lackluster, but once a team starts doing well, everything turns around. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I’ve been particularly surprised over the types of people in my life who’ve hopped on.

I guess what really inspired me to write this post-with-no-point is the NBA playoffs. The Celtics-Bulls series was amazing, everything you’d want in the NBA finals…although the final game probably could’ve been better. Outcome of that series: I love Kirk Hinrich. I remember cheering against him when Maryland won the national championship versus KU. But I not-so-secretly cheered for him during these games. Don’t worry, the fiance approves – he’s among the Jayhawk loyal.

I was let down by the Celtics-Magic game tonight, with perhaps the exception of 15 minutes of play or so. Really, a 28-point deficit isn’t something I look forward to in the playoffs. But I’ve recovered and have moved on to the Rockets-Lakers game, and now rediscovered Shane Battier.

I remember when he was at Duke, and we always called him “alien head” since the back of his head had strange wrinkles in it. Somehow, Mr. Battier is much more attractive than I remember him being. Where did the alien go?