Wattminder – Contest!

April 22nd, 2012 by under Competitions, News. No Comments.

To help introduce Wattminder’s ground-breaking analytical tool for checking up on photovoltaic generation sites (solar power arrays), we are conducting this educational public contest, to bring awareness to the fact that Billions of dollars worth of electricity are being wasted in worlds solar arrays, due to under-performance.

Learn more and Register for free at: http://pvwizard.com/contest/

Wattminder ,the leader in Photovoltaic Performance Analytics, is conducting as a public educational event about underperformance in solar arrays around the world that is costing $5B, -worth of electricity NOT being generated as a result of some fault. Wattminder’s analyical tools at pvwizard.com can help detect and diagnose underperformance,  without physically being there! This is also part of our open beta test for our 2nd generation PV analytics offering—on demand Benchmark calculator, Performance Check,Degradation Assessment.