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Once a quarter, the Executive Education team at the Smith School of Business works with a Learning and Development team  in the DC/MD/MD/NOVA region to host a networking and knowledge- sharing event for local training professionals. This week’s event took place at Clark Construction in Bethesda. Earlier this year, we met at McCormick in Hunt Valley MD (read the report here) and in August we’ll be the guests of Lockheed Martin at their fabulous Center for Learning Excellence. Read the report of the Clark meeting here, and contact to make sure you receive your invite to the August 6, 2012 event.

Anthony Brown, Vice President of Human Resources and Angela Bijlani, Director of Training and Development at host company Clark Construction kicked off the day by sharing some of their company’s challenges, and the steps they are taking to create a climate for change. The company is also rethinking its talent management strategy and has some fresh thinking around getting the right people in the right places. .  Join our IMPACT Learning & Development LinkedIn Group for full access to Anthony and Angela’s presentation

Joe Campa, Director of Leadership at CACI, is an excellent and engaging storyteller who captivated the group with his remarks on presence, passion, and the ability to inspire others to accomplish something greater than themselves or greater than they thought possible.  Joe is a former Master Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy–the highest enlisted rank–and shared quite a bit about how he found the Navy…or perhaps how the Navy found him. Joe gave powerful and moving examples of great leadership under pressure, speaking from frontline experience and honoring valiant sailors who went down with their ships.  CACI runs a program to recruit, retain and mentor veterans.  Joe brought along an ex- Marine friend/colleague, retired Sergeant Major Carlton Kent who served for 36 years. Carlton was recruited by  CACI two months ago.

I think everyone in attendance was ready to salute the American flag and thank every soldier who has ever served our country.  They brought tears to my eyes, and I know that was the case for several folks I spoke to at the break. Sharon Rogers Johnson, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park

As Joe and Carlton modeled great leadership and strong values, so the next set of professionals demonstrated the value of listening, adapting and meeting customer needs.

Tamecia Bradshaw, President & CEO of Bradlow Solutions; Akia Garnett, President & CEO of Brandbuilder; Jane Lovas, CEO of Lovas Consulting; and Mali Phonpadith, CEO and Chief Messaging Strategist at Mali Creative arrived all prepared to discuss  effective communications for engaging employees and customers.  After hearing the morning’s speakers and taking note of the questions and comments raised, the co-authors of Seen and Sustained quickly huddled to revamp and redirect their panel discussion, and instead shared their expertise in the areas of internal and external branding.  Very impromptu…very interactive…very well done!

Eileen Dickson, Vice President of Education at National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and Patsy Bergquist, Human Resources and Risk Manager at Chaney Enterprises are both in the business of concrete and made sure that all attendees on Monday  stand firm (hah!) on the topic and can now detail the difference between concrete and cement. Eileen and Patsy talked about the challenges of training and development of an hourly, entry level workforce with no education beyond high school.  Chaney Enterprises – a member of NRMCA — shared how they had leveraged their industry’s trade association and, in the process, have grown their highly trained, specialized and  certified workforce through classes, webinars and publications that are grounded in national recognized industry-wide performance standards. What could your trade association do to help you develop your workforce?

Dr. Joe Bailey from Smith wrapped up the day, drawing on his own engineering background, and his considerable communication skills to provide tips for encouraging technical leaders into enterprise-wide leadership roles and leading an animated discussion about the best ways to support communications skill development for people who often prefer to work is isolation, surrounded only by data.

The Clark Construction Group are about to have a major resdesign and overhaul of their Bethesda training and development facility. We thank them for hosting the IMPACT event and look forward to paying them another visit to see the “after”. We wish them luck with their makeover and know they will be working with the best in the business–their own.

Sergeant Major (rtd) Carlton Kent who shared his experience as a new recruit at CACI, speaking to HR professionals at the Smith and Clark Construction Learning and Development Event


If you would like to share your best practices in Learning and Development with your mid-Atlantic peers, or would like to host a group of 50-75, please contact Liz Barron on 301 405 5387 or To reserve a seat for the event to be held at Lockheed Martin on August 6,. 2012,. 8am-3:30pm, please also speak with Liz.

Dr. Joseph Bailey works with non-technical executives to show them that strategic power is inextricably linked to technology and helping managers and executives from a variety of disciplines tap into transformative IT. Dr Bailey also works with highly technical experts,helping them contribute at leadership levels across organizations, leveraging their specialism to advance innovation, opportunity and excellence.  Joe and Liz  will be happy to work with your L&D team.

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