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My Study Abroad Journey! 0

My Study Abroad Journey!

Hi guys! I’m Shiffali and I am a rising junior who will be studying abroad at the University of Manchester Alliance Business School for the fall 2017 semester. I am beyond excited for this...


How’s Amsterdam? Wet and Windy

So I knew it rained in Amsterdam, but not like this. I was lucky with the weather my first three weeks here. It was sunny, warm, and rained once. This last week showed me...


Tiny Spoons and Other Cultural Differences

I’ve been in Amsterdam for a little over a week now. It’s beautiful. The weather has been great, the food and people amazing, and the architecture is charming. I’ve been working on becoming a...

Visiting family 0

Visiting family

One of the more unique experiences I’ve had while studying abroad was my family visiting . They came over my older brother’s spring break (which I don’t have, btw!)  


Walk Sweden Pt. 3

You can bet that when t-shirt weather finally arrived, the first thing I did was go for a hike!  I chose to go to Nöbbelövs Mosse, a nearby bird sanctuary and nature reserve.  Although...


Working Abroad

I have traveled across the world for leisure, service, and school, but I have never worked abroad until now. An internship abroad in an unfamiliar culture is quite different. The local culture and beliefs...

A New Semester: Studying in Amsterdam 3

A New Semester: Studying in Amsterdam

Here’s to a semester of new and firsts: my first time writing a blog, my first time studying in another country, and my first time leaving the United States. My name is Madison and...


A Quick Bite

The food people eat can say a lot about their culture. The Lion CIty’s main places to eat street food are its hawker centres. In Singapore, hawker centres are essentially long chains of food...


Passion for Diversity

No matter where, going abroad is an exciting opportunity. We get to have fun while learning in a new world. Being open to and actively embracing the host culture is an easy way to...


Welcome to the Lion City

Hey! I’m Adam, a rising junior pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management. For 2 months, I’m working for Caterpillar Inc.’s Industry Solutions, Components & Distribution Division (ISCD) at their Singapore location via the...