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SinghaniaBy Swati Singhania

As the end of the semester rolls around, I begin to realize all the work I have to do and how little time I have left. Managing my time during this “crunch period” has always been difficult but during my study abroad experience it has proved to be especially hard! Studying for exams versus fitting in that last travel experience are some of the easier questions I’ve had to ask myself.

Did a road trip to Portugal before all the madness picked up!

Did a road trip to Portugal before all the madness picked up!

Back home in the States, final exam time meant gathering up all our notes and study guides from the entire semester, compiling as many resources together as we can, and starting week long study sessions for all our classes. Not to mention, “all-nighters”, bulk amounts of coffee and red bull, and of course, fighting to find a seat in McKeldin. But at the end of the day all I was managing was my study time for all the exams I had. How much to study for which class and when to start studying for another; it was all pretty simple. Don’t get me wrong, creating these study schedules was difficult and sticking to them was even harder, but knowing that studying was my only priority makes it seem a lot easier now.

During this semester in Spain, I have found it even more difficult to manage my time. As an exchange student, I obviously want to take advantage of the ability to travel to other places as well as getting to know Spain. Managing studying and completing classwork with coordinating travel plans has been especially difficult. I knew I had to complete work ahead of time so, time I may have spent napping or catching up on T.V. shows in the States were dedicated to completing all my work. Not to mention, in the States I was use to having a constant flow of financing given that I was working during the school year. Being abroad meant knowing how to spend my money wisely because how much I had was how much I had and that was it. There was no paycheck coming in the next week that would make up for this week’s poor financial decisions. I have done a heavy amount of traveling these past 3 months but with that came excessive amounts of planning and coordination. Even though it was difficult and at many times stressful, I’m glad I experienced these hard decisions and definitely learned a lot from them as well.

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Saral Nigam  on December 4th, 2013

I completely agree with this! Next week, I have 3 exams for business courses+3 exams for spanish+2 papers. This weekend, I am going to Sweden! Managing time at home is difficult, but like you said, all you have to do is study. This is extremely difficult when you’re also spending over 48 hours in another country!

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