France & Morocco

Hi Everyone!

This blog with be all about my study abroad experience in France & Morocco this winter semester! I had a great time. I made friends and lasting memories. In my various blog post I will talk about the different experiences I had in both countries and how I took my knowledge and applied it to my experience. I’m very excited to be able to make post so I can relive and remember traveling to such great and cultural places! I was lucky enough to travel with my line sister who speak multiple languages and loves to travel. The best part of this trip was that we weren’t in class rooms! The businesses and countries were our classroom! I really hope you all enjoy my blog post, please leave comments if you want me to expand on certain areas of my experience or just have any general questions about the countries that I traveled to!


Hi! I'm a senior Marketing and Information Systems dual degree. I love to travel and I'm so grateful to have been able to study abroad while in college.

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