France: My Public Transportation Experience

Before coming to France the only experience I had with using public transportation was from taking the metro into DC from time to time. Since I arrived in France in early January, it is safe to say I have used some form of public transportation every single day. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I needed to figure out, in a country that spoke little English, which bus to take to get from the airport to the town my apartment is in, Antibes. Then, once in Antibes, I have to take a bus every day to and from school for 20 minutes. If I want to go anywhere outside of the south of France, I either have to walk to the train station and take a train or take a bus to the airport. Navigating the cheapest and most efficient form of public transportation has truly proven to be a bigger part of my abroad experience than I was expecting.

On the right in this picture you can see the 100 bus which is the bus I take to school everyday. The bus only comes once every 25 minutes, so it can sometimes get packed full of my classmates as early as 7:00 am!

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