From Summer Internship to Abroad

As the summer winds down and seasonal internships come to an end, time begins to speed up as the fall semester rapidly approaches. As I zip up my third suitcase and take one last glance over my checklist, the time between saying my goodbyes and thank you’s at my summer internship and catching my flight quickly fades. Suddenly, everything is very real. This fall, I will be studying at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. 

After taking a winter study abroad course to Spain last year, I knew I wanted to spend more time getting to know and understand a new culture. I wanted the opportunity to be completely submerged into something unfamiliar that would allow me to break out of my comfort zone. So last fall, I decided that I wanted to study abroad for a longer period of time and began making preparations for Fall 2019.

I’ve been looking forward to living in Seoul for some time now, as it’s a great opportunity to continue my studies in Multicultural Information Design and Marketing. Seoul is a city with a rich cultural history, one with rapid technological advancements and innovations. What drew me to the exchange program was my desire to step completely outside of my comfort zone, the opportunity to learn a new language and the ability to tap into a new design culture. I believe that the best way to begin to learn about international design and marketing is to gain context and learn about people. Seoul is home to a lot of unique architecture and ever-growing design culture and by spending an extended period there, I hope to develop my craft and become a better designer and marketer. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to spend an extended time in a country where there is a large language barrier and an even bigger cultural barrier as a person of color. But I know that although some things may become frustrating, my time over the next four months will be filled with really exciting moments and opportunities that I could never encounter at home. 

I look forward to sharing my journey and change of pace this semester.

Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones is a senior Marketing and Multicultural Information Design double major. This fall she will be studying abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Although, Chloe has had experience going abroad before in short-term winter program before she is excited to travel to and study in Asia for the first time. This fall, Chloe will learn about how language and culture shape business operations by taking business and anthropology courses. In her free time, Chloe enjoys learning languages, cooking, and going to art museums.

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