Getting Around in Seoul

Getting around a new city can be daunting in any city as there is a lot of different modes of transportation to get around. In Seoul, like any other city, there are buses, taxies, and the subway. Public transportation in Seoul can seem daunting at first, but once you know the basics getting around is really easy.

Getting Started: 

When first arriving in Seoul, the first thing I recommend is to purchase a T-Money card. A T-Money card is just like a SmartTrip, but much better. The card can be used with the bus, subway, taxi and in most convenience stores. T-money cards can be reloaded within all subway stations and at almost all convenience stores. One really cool thing about the card is that it also comes in different colors and designs. The card also works in different cities in Korea.


Apps to Download: 

When first getting to your first destination or before arriving in Seoul, I recommend downloading KakaoMap or Naver Map. Both maps are in English, but I personally recommend using KakaoMap if you know how to read and write Hangul and Naver for using only English. Google Maps is only useful when using the bus and subway, but keep in mind that it is not really accurate and doesn’t give walking or driving directions.

Buses and Subway: 

The bus and subway in Korea run very similarly to those in the states. Each bus and subway corresponds with a color that indicates the line you are on. There are also airport buses to go from both Incheon and Gimpo airport to Seoul. The closest subway line to Yonsei University is Line 2 (green line) and it can take you to a lot of very popular districts within Seoul such as Hongdae and Gangnam. The buses and subway are very efficient and are almost always on time. The subway and buses in Seoul both stop running around midnight and reopen around 5 am.


Taxies are another efficient way to get around in Seoul. Although more expensive than taking public transportation, taking a taxi is really convenient for a larger group of people or when going anywhere after midnight. There are some taxi’s that are international friendly, which means the driver can speak different languages, but knowing some Korean will really help you get around more efficiently.

Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones is a senior Marketing and Multicultural Information Design double major. This fall she will be studying abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Although, Chloe has had experience going abroad before in short-term winter program before she is excited to travel to and study in Asia for the first time. This fall, Chloe will learn about how language and culture shape business operations by taking business and anthropology courses. In her free time, Chloe enjoys learning languages, cooking, and going to art museums.

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