Hiking Around Hong Kong

Zhang 2.0By Michael Zhang

I’ve always wondered how people stay in such good shape in Hong Kong. While there are plenty of hills and no shortage of parks and recreational areas, it has always been fascinating to think where the 7 million people that inhabit Hong Kong exercise.

While I don’t know where everyone exercises, I have found that among many things, hiking is a popular and a great way to burn those calories from those egg tarts and dim sum that are popular around Hong Kong. In fact, hiking is probably the most under-rated thing to do in Hong Kong and it is a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Almost every week, my friends and I try to explore another hiking trail. The amazing part is that there are plenty of hiking trails that are around where you are at any given moment.

View from my hike in Lamma Island.

View from my hike in Lamma Island.

On Hong Kong Island, which is the part of Hong Kong that I live on, there are hikes such as Dragon’s Back and my personal favorite (because it’s right in my backyard) Pok Fu Lam Reservoir hike to the Victoria’s Peak. The Pok Fu Lam Reservoir hike takes about 30 minutes and is a pretty steep hike. It starts at a reservoir and takes you through a forest and then once you are at the top, you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the Hong Kong skyline and the skyline is something that any visitor to Hong Kong should see. The “Peak” is one of the highest points in Hong Kong and is the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

On other parts of Hong Kong, I have also hiked mountains in Lantau and Lamma Island and they all include great views and nice paths to walk on so that people of any skill level can enjoy. With that being said, there are still many hikes and paths that I have not done yet. The most notable ones that I want to hike are Lion’s Rock in New Territories, the hike to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung, and hikes in the new territories.

With hiking, you can stay in shape without even realizing. Hiking is a great hobby by itself and with the trails that are in place in Hong Kong, it is an easy hobby to pick up if you don’t already hike. Simply said hiking is empowering and fun at the same time. I hope to try some of the other hikes around Hong Kong soon!

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