The Venetian Carnical

Hello again everyone!

Do you know the big three Italian cities that people absolutely LOVE to visit? They are Venice, Florence, and Rome! I’ve been able to visit all three so far and my favorite is definitely Venice. Florence and Rome were also gorgeous, but I was able to be in Venice during their Carnivale, which is a huge festival.

These are my suggested must do’s for a trip to Venice 🙂

Ride on the canals! You don’t have to take a gondola but you should at least take a water taxi . I got a 3 day pass since I was there for 2.5 days and it was only 28 Euros for unlimited water taxi access, including to Murano.

Visit Murano! It’s an incredibly famous island just a little bit off from the main city of Venice that is full of glass blowers. You can see demonstrations and there are a ton of shops selling glass.

Buy a mask! Masks are a huge part of the Carnivale but are sold all year round. Mine was only 3 Euros and will make an incredible souvenir.

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