Korean Food

You probably know, but Korean food is spicy! The soup, side dishes, street food, etc. are spicy, but if you cannot handle spice, do not fret because they also have food that don’t have any spice at all! Some popular Korean foods include Bibimbap which is vegetables and rice in gochujang sauce, Seolleongtang which a soup made from ox bones, Jjajangmyeon which is noodles with black bean sauce, Kimchi Jjigae which is kimchi stew, etc.



Now some tips that I have learned since coming here:

  1. All Korean restaurants have a small button at the end of the table which you press to get a server to come over to answer your questions or to order food.
  2. They use flat chopsticks and long spoons to eat their foods so it is highly unlikely that they have forks.
  3. Moreover, you will notice that Koreans do not drink water with their meal, so if you want water, it is usually located in a corner of the room with small metal cups.
  4. Most meals come with unlimited rice and small side dish refills┬áso don’t be afraid to ask for extra!
  5. The check is usually placed at your table in the beginning of the meal, and you have to go to the counter to pay for it.
  6. No tipping is necessary and if you do tip, it is considered an insult in Korea, so please do not tip or you risk insulting your server.



Hello everyone! My name is Lila and I am a sophomore Accounting and Finance double major at Smith. I am going to Seoul, South Korea through the Global Entrepreneurship Semester at Yonsei University where I will be studying and interning abroad. I always knew that I would travel abroad because I am passionate about diversity, culture and language. I will be in South Korea for 6 months, and I hope to share my experiences with all of you!

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