“Rome”ing around Europe

I know I suggest a lot of things that are “the one thing I suggest you do,” and this is definitely another one of those moments. I highly suggest during your time abroad that you visit friends in their respective study abroad locations. I was able to go to Rome to visit three of my good friends Agustin, Kyle, and Leo, but little did I know I would make many more on the way. I flew to Rome with some friends from Barcelona with the main goal of catching up with my other abroad friends, checking out their own local spots and making some memories. I have previously visited Rome, when my older sister went abroad, so I had seen the sights and done pretty much almost everything.

Going into the trip I wasn’t really looking forward to it and somewhat wished I had decided to stay in Barcelona that weekend. Lucky for me, this weekend turned out to be one of the best trips. I visited my friend’s favorite local spots, and met their roommates, who I became quite close with while sleeping on their kitchen floor. I won’t go too far into detail on the sights but what I loved about the trip was that I was able to create my own experience and do completely different things than what I did when I visited my sister there. I lowered my expectations going into the trip and it made it that much more fun.

Our program directors gave us that advice on the first day, “lower your expectations and everything will turn out better than you expected,” and now I can honestly say this is true. Besides writing our own story, it was also great to see friends from home and catch up, because you know what it’s like hanging out with friends back in college park, but in a new city in a different country anything can happen.

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