The Age Old Question

As a kid studying abroad all you ever hear about from people stateside is “have you gone to Amsterdam yet? When do you go? Are you excited?” and the list goes on and on. I was fortunate enough to have chosen one of the best possible weekends to be in Amsterdam, why you ask? Because it snowed. When I say it snowed I don’t mean it flurried for an hour, it dumped snow for a solid day and it made the gorgeous city that much more enchanting. Being from New England, I am a huge fan of the snow and the winter season, so being abroad in a city that hardly gets any snow was tough for me. This trip satisfied my craving for some home-like weather and was a great way to start the trip.

To be quite honest if you aren’t into Heineken or Van Gogh there isn’t all too much to do other than walk the canals of the city and stare in awe at the city’s beauty. A group of friends and I were willing to wake up early to get to the Van Gogh museum before the crowds and, although I didn’t get to see starry night, it was an amazing experience. To see the sheer number of art one man was able to produce was awesome and I left that museum much more appreciative of Van Gogh and his art.

After that some friends and I braved through the snow to get to Amsterdam’s famous Vondellpark, a massive central park like area in the outskirts of Amsterdam. We sat in the snow, watched people walk around and fed the hundreds of ducks, birds and swans that swim in its ponds. The whole city was enchanting and now I know why I always get questions about it. I highly suggest you find time during your travels to visit.

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