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The longest Spring Break I’ve ever had has just come to an end. Three weeks is actually so much longer than I thought. I really enjoyed the entire break. It was really nice to have a break and get some much needed sleep. Over the second half of the break, I was able to meet up with my sister and her friend, who came from Boston, in London. We did many touristy things and explore the entire city. London is easily much busier and huge compared to Manchester. We also took a train from London to Paris on the Eurostar (the one that goes underwater!).

Being in a different country in which English isn’t their first language really gives you a different outlook. When we were checking into the hotel at Paris, the receptionist asked “How come you don’t know French, why do we have to learn English?” in a joking way. But, that’s a very valid question to ask. Many  people in countries all over the world know English along with their first language, however most Americans don’t know another language aside from English. It shows that America is a world power, which is why these smaller countries feel the need to learn English. However, it also shows that America may not be globally challenged or sometimes can be culturally unaware. I feel as though many people expect people in other countries to automatically know English, instead of making an attempt to speak the people’s native language.

Aside from the revelation I made, it was a fantastic trip and I enjoyed seeing my sister after months. Now it’s back to going to classes and studying for finals that are starting up in the next month!



Hi! My name is Erica Chun. I'm a sophomore finance and mathematics double major. I'm studying in Manchester, UK for Spring 2018 and I am beyond excited!

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